Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

A hilarious film which takes you on a roller coaster ride and brings you the unexpected.

Stars or actor : Vishwaksen Naidu, Sushanth Reddy, Abhinav Gomatam
Director: Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Language: Telugu
Release/Country: Jun 29, 2018/USA

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018) Telugu Review:
For a movie whose plot line appears easy enough, ENE packs during a ton of layers and is unpredictable at each juncture. It all boils right down to however Tharun Bhascker structures the narrative. Yes, there’s a starting, a middle, ANd an end; but, not like most Telugu films, the narrative isn’t broken into blocks that typically create it easier for USA to follow a character’s journey. 2 of the rear stories, particularly those that includes Vivek and Karthik, themselves desire mini-movies. It’s this drama and also the emotional bond between them, that holds their relationship — and additionally the film — along. Tharun has his own means of introducing and familiarizing USA with the lead characters, and it takes a jiffy to induce accustomed the tone of the narrative.

Only at the top of the primary act will it hit you that this isn’t a pal comedy wherever the chums find yourself determination their problems within the course of a road trip to Goa. Of course, that happens moreover, however it is not what the plot is regarding. This story is regarding however delicate relationships ar — even the deepest friendships. once everybody pins their hopes on Vivek, he leaves them within the dark and hides behind his eyeglasses. It’s solely abundant later that we discover he’s mistreatment this as a tool to become invisible — this is often his means of facing the globe.

ENE is unpredictable in terms of however every scene progresses and Tharun Bhascker breaks off from tons of cliches and template-driven eventualities to create his purpose. It’s additionally quite attainable that this approach has difficult the characters’ journey to the conclusion. each language is treated like banter and that we, the audience, ar treated like invisible guests at identical table. It’s refreshing, however the instant you flip off from this illusion, you furthermore mght realise however tedious the film is. There ar such a big amount of fantastically written lines that you simply won’t even bear in mind as a result of every of the characters talks so abundant. There ar times you question whether or not a scene or dialogue is actually necessary? There’s therefore much happening in each scene that you simply don’t skills it’s getting to finish and what it’d result in. perhaps it’s additionally regarding living within the moment and not puzzling over the aftermath?

It would most likely be a small indefinite quantity dishonorable to label ENE a comedy film as a result of it’s many emotional heft, while not ever swerving into comedy. In one among its most unforgettable scenes, Vivek confesses the rationale he does not wish to confront his fears — and it’d probably resonate together with your life too. while not revealing far more regarding the film, it should be same that ENE mirrors our lives and speaks our language, particularly the bromance among its lead actors: Vishwak subunit (Vivek), Sushanth (Karthik), Abhinav (Kaushik), Venkatesh (Uppu). whereas Abhinav steals the show along with his humourous dialogues, the most important surprise is Sushanth, United Nations agency is that the voice of reason within the gang. Vishwak brings tons of raw energy to the equation, whereas Venkatesh plays a trustworthy friend. Newcomer Simran Choudhary shines in her restricted screen time, and Anisha bishop makes a decent impression.

The film’s sound style, Niketh’s motion-picture photography, and Vivek Sagar’s music bring alive Tharun’s writing, even once the narrative meanders. In the end, engineering science Nagaraniki Emaindhi belongs to Tharun Bhascker, United Nations agency is extremely honest in what he desires to mention and packs the film with several fascinating ideas. for example, the proposal scene between Vishwak and Simran may be a joy to observe, and then is Abhinav’s conceive to persuade Vishwak to alter a specific scene during a short film. And yet, {you’re|you ar} left with the sense that the stakes are too low, and also the friends’ conflict takes a backseat. Instead, we have a tendency to ar left with the characters’ banter and to attach the dots in our own lives.


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